Which early 2000s fixations are you revisiting during this lockdown?

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A lot of things are happening in this time warp. What year is it?

Are you back on ffnet looking for that 2013 300k slow burn, enemies to lovers fic? Do your Spotify playlists look like your burned CDs from grade school, or iPod Classic line ups? Back on Neopets? Fixing your Club Penguin igloo?

But really, during a time when nothing about tomorrow feels sure, there's some comfort in knowing what to expect from old books, games, OTPs, and fixations. It's nice to know you will still be frustrated with the same canon. So what are you reading, playing, or singing that looks a lot like 2009 and full side bangs?


  • Two things: Rewatching the entire Gundam Wing series, and binging Let's Plays of Kingdom Hearts III and KH3 Re:Mind

    what started as a need to better and further understand the characters i'll be cosplaying later this year turned into a continuing spiral of "what other media formats of these popular franchises can i consume as i stray deeper into the abyss of their fandoms?"

    //cue me reading fanfiction about my favorite pairings and tv tropes from each series until 2AM in the morning (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • recently, i've realized i can't listen to japanese songs when i'm doing my translation stuff (i end up translating the song instead of the thing i'm doing) so i've been going back to my old library of late-aughts kpop haha. my family is by and large a k-fandom family so i grew up with a lot of these songs ww

    (i've been getting into a bunch of new groups too but i just keep going back to the old favorites!!)

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