"AND THEY WERE ROOMMATES" Your favorite fanfic prompts. Go.

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If you were even somewhat enticed by this discussion's title then you probably (really) enjoy fanfiction. And while wading through a mire of 300k words, you possibly flirted with the idea of writing your own. After all there's so much canon to rewrite and reimagine. Redemption arcs won't write themselves.

So we wanna know, what are fanfic prompts from which you demand follow through? That you're hoping someone, ANYONE, would write into somewhat reality? Are they lifting the bloodied chin of their enemy (later on lover) with their weapon? Are they stuck in isolation in a cabin by the sea? Were they assigned to be partners for a case or a class that requires that they spend disgusting amounts of time together? TELL ALL! Inquiring minds (ours) want to know.

This may possibly lead to a fest. :^) Share your fave prompts like so:

  • DREAM Fanfic prompt:
  • Ideal pairings: (y/n is welcome~)
  • Favorite tropes:


  • one of my favorites to read for fanfics is definitely the "suddenly partners for a case" because it 1) provides an instant hook of a plot - a problem to solve, mystery to uncover, evil mastermind to unveil, whathaveyou while 2) shows all the ways the parties in the ship can contrast and compliment each other.

    bonus if any (or all) of the ff cliches also occur:

    • one of the pair gets caught/taken as hostage, cue: dramatic rescue, bridal carry optional
    • one of the pair dramatically takes a bullet (or sword or arrow or spell, depends on the au) meant for the other (i love angst but i prefer no MCDs tho)
    • BOTH of them get locked in together and forces them to reveal some secrets/resolve some issues (multi chap fics will have MORE misunderstandings spring from this supposed "heart-to-heart" for more angst >:') )

    currently 6 feet deep in MDZS/The Untamed so of course the ship I imagine all this happening to is wangxian.mp3

    another trashy fanfic trope i love is old flames reunite after x years of separation on bad terms/untold truths. soooo much potential for angst and healing with that. also, if written well, can tackle how people change inevitably over time, but also that some things about a person can stay the same. and that loving people doesn't require you to understand them 100%, but more of being able to accept them faults and highlights and everything in between.

    bonus if they have domestic moments together uwu

    pairings: ...tbh i love any ship going thru this, i'll leave this blank and free-for-all lol

    [don't @ me i know i sound like a sappy hopeless romantic 🙈]

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