Which ACNH villager do you want off your island?

We know. You’ve settled yourself in a nice slice of virtual paradise to allow yourselves a small reprieve from the very uncertain Now. So who’s bothering you over there?

1) Who's the villager you wanted to kick out the most and why? 

2) How did you kick him/her out?


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    I wanna kick out Vic SO BAD. I only adopted him because he's one letter away from Vico but his crazy eyes have been disturbing me. :( Haven't kicked him out yet and I'm too scared to hit him with a net lol

    How do you guys kick off your villagers? Aside from fencing them in, I only know of the net method to kick them out. Also!! If you have any cute cow villagers, let me know!! I wanna make a cow island. <3

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