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Welcome once again to the Doghouse: The Underdog forum! We are very glad to have you here and we hope we can clutch each others virtual arms as we yell about what we love. We don’t want to trigger existential dread, so instead we'll give you some prompts to introduce yourself to this forum. But whether you choose to or not, in the ever wise words of Dean Pelton, “you are already accepted.”

Want to say hello? Give an introduction of D&D proportions, or not, honestly we aren’t pressuring you.

You can reply with:

  1. The name you want to go by in this forum (whether it’s your real name is up to you!)
  2. Tell us the story of the craziest thing you’ve done for your obsession. (Really, we are in no position to judge. 👁)

We hope we can all get to know each other better, and make this little side of the internet a safe space. It’s nice to meet you!


  • hello, doghouse!

    i'll start, in case everyone's still feeling a little shy.

    i'm yna, and i'm underdog's editorial assistant. while here, we'll be helping moderate discussions, but we'll also be participating! anyway wala yun sa prompts but i just had to say it. hehehe. (if you have any questions, shoot us a message!)

    the craziest thing i've done for an obsession was sleep outside a broadcasting station somewhere in seoul for a near impossible chance at hearing SHINee sing for a max of 10 minutes. shoutout to the cold pavement of sbs. 525/10 would do that all over again.


  • Hola!

    I'm Louise and I love desserts and fruits hueuhe.

    All I can think of is dressing up (as in cosplay with the complete wig, makeup and costume) my favourite characters with my friends. And will do it again with my friends if given the chance (really extra and takes a lot of time and resources !!!). Another one which is just recently, watched a livestream of concert for 2 days (yes Bang! Bang! Con) and should I say the culminating point that converted me into an ARMY.

  • hi hello !

    i'm meg. i drink a lot of milk, i enjoy matcha-flavored things, and i'm a capricorn sun.

    i don't know if this is crazy but from the top of my head, the craziest thing i can think of is when i spent almost my entire first paycheck on concert tickets (stray kids) before i even... had the money... haha... and like louise, i also watched bangbangcon last weekend, wherein i only left my room to use the bathroom or eat (and even then, i'd bring my phone with me so i could continue watching-- yes, i was showering while bts was doing the in-between-concert exercises). my siblings had to come to my room and stay there just so they could see me.

  • Hey guys!

    I'm Gaby, Underdog's Editor. Along with Yna, I'll be moderating and participating in the discussions in this 'ere Doghouse. Our lines are open if you have any Qs!!

    The craziest thing I ever did in the name of fandom was fly to Seoul at the start of winter for a BTS pilgrimage. My friend and I initially headed there because we got standing section tickets to the Melon Music Awards (which is a whole other story altogether--standing in the pit of a Korean awards show is An Experience), but we decided to head to some BTS-related spots while we were there. The "some" ended up being around 20 places (maybe even more). It was a crazy five days of running around opposite ends of Seoul, trying to hit up spots they filmed at/visited (plus 13 cafes for Jin birthday cup sleeve events). When we got back home, I couldn't drink coffee or hot chocolate for a while, but it was all worth it for Bangtan.

  • hi there!!

    i'm elle, the author of the article, "Navigating through relationship roles and tropes in BL", and an undisputed BL/cat queen! (coughs self-proclaimed coughs) so i have two of my craziest fandom moments, and i have to say two because one was a serendipitous moment while the other was a conscious decision lmao

    first: i got to meet one of my closest friends and writing idols because of got7 💚(ahgases unite!) her name's suvi, and she's from finland. what's crazy is that i never even thought of meeting her personally until the opportunity presented itself! we met through AO3 (she's a highly-popular fanfic writer for got7) back in february 2017 and started talking on twitter after i gushed to her about her fanfics. once i graduated university that year (may 2017), i immediately left the country to spend a month-long vacation in singapore, and lo and behold, she took the chance to fly to SG to see me. suffice to say, we had a blast spending time together during the week she was there, and we've been close friends ever since. we haven't done any video-calling lately, but whenever we have the time, we would update each other on how we're doing~

    second: i cosplayed 2B from nier:automata. and, considering the insane slit she has on her skirt and her ahem white thong, it was a wild experience 😹😹


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    I'm Maine and I'm here to spread the Bollywood gospel. And I need an ACNH support group cause I'm getting so attached. :< I'm also here to talk about One Direction and how Larry is still real in 2020 (jk)

    I haven't done anything too crazy for an obsession YET. I do remember almost getting into a car accident after a One Direction concert because I was too HYPED. Yes I was driving. (Don't judge!!!)

  • Hi!

    I’m Lar and i’m currently obsessed with brewing coffee (ironically, I haven’t tried making a dalgona yet 😝). During this quarantine as much as I wanted to play AC i don’t have a switch so I settled for the next best thing I used to play years ago, Stardew Valley (a Harvest Moon like game).

    So the craziest thing i’ve done for my other obsession, SHINee, was to line up for 6 hours during a very cold winter and another time line up for around the same number of hours in a typhoon soaking my pants and my shoes in the process, which btw were trips to japan that i exclusively did for SHINee.

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    hi i'm trish!! i first got into japanese stuff for the food and now i've been focused on voice actors since 2010 and still haven't found my way out. help.

    i have two japanese voice actor oshis (biases) - hopefully you'll be hearing me speak at length about the second one soon, so i'll talk about the craziest thing i've done related to the first one, kousaka atsushi, the ten-year love of my fandom life. (hetalia, thank you for introducing me to this excellent actor and event more excellent man)

    kousaka was a guest on his friends' livestream last year, and the stream date was on his birthday, so when i heard they were asking for birthday messages to him i stupidly sent a very short note. it ended up being read on-air - he read this on-air, i watched him do it, somehow this is real - and i ended up making him feel lowkey flustered cuz one of my lines read:


    ("there's many more things i want to say, but right now all i can say is that i'm really grateful you were born.")

    "that's something i've only heard from my parents," he said, chuckling. was pretty sure the hosts were lowkey teasing me about it. am definitely sure my friends won't let me live it down. don't care. it's the truth. i love that man. 10/10 will do again.

    it's on youtube, btw - around 9 minutes into the video that comes up when you search 【髙坂篤志・高塚智人・永塚拓馬・堀江瞬】ラーメン男子 10杯目【スガキヤラーメン】. again, i know it's crazy, but i have no regrets. this probably says a lot about me as a person, lol.

  • Hi! I'm Justin, a cancer sun and a baby kpop stan :3

    K-pop has been my obsession for the past one and a half years now (needless to say my life has been changed for the better hehe). SInce I'm a new stan, the craziest thing I've done is still relatively tame lol (I've yet to attend a concert or sleep outside a broadcasting station in Seoul [but would gladly do it for my faves!])

    So the craziest thing I've done is... attempt to finish my ult bias' (D.O of EXO) filmography! His wikipedia page says he's been in 8 movies and 5 tv series (+ 2 cameos). I've currently crawling (lol) my way through and have already watched 2 movies (Hyung & Swing Kids) and 1 tv series (which was actually a web drama lol). Next on my list is the movie Cart (I've recently found out that Yum Jung Ah [of Sky Castle fame] plays the main character, which made me want to watch me more). Also currently gathering strength to watch his dramas (and K-dramas in general, episodes are just so so loooonngggg and my attention span is so so short :-( ). I really hope to finish during the quarantine :3

  • Hi! I'm Lea, a Leo sun and a K-pop stan!

    I've been into K-pop ever since January 2017, and I've gone to great lengths to say that it saved my life.

    I've done a lot of crazy things involving K-pop, but two of the craziest things that I've done in the name of fangirling involved GOT7. Back in 2018, I went to see GOT7 in the middle of a family trip in New York. At that time, GOT7 didn't have Manila as a tour stop, so I convinced him if I can watch GOT7 there. In exchange for that, I had to watch Taylor Swift with my brother. The second craziest thing that I've done was to quit my last job so I can see GOT7 live here in Manila. My previous role at work required me to work on weekends, with little to no breaks in between. The GOT7 concert here in Manila was one of the first guilt-free weekends I've had in a while, and that experience made me realize how important work-life balance is for me.

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    Hi! My name is Cham (quite obviously) and I joined here because I really miss the concept of forums, OK! 😭

    While I have a fixation for Japanese culture and media, particularly anime, I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve been a true-blue fan of something and done something for it. This...is such a boring answer! Hahaha.

    Does learning their language up to this day count for something? 👀

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