Stuff I bought to feel closer to my faves

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Hey, it’s okay. We’ve all been there. For some it’s a shirt that your fave wore to something or another. For others it’s baby food your bias swears by. However strange, however surprisingly great, we wanna hear your stories!

Show it off or describe it! And on a scale of 1-5, 1 being “I actually like this...” and 5 being, “it took a while to look myself in the mirror and admit to this purchase”, how much do you regret buying it?

Read writer Fiel Estrella's list, rated according to how much she regrets them here:


  • when my voice actor bias transferred to a new company, the new company suddely started promoting him more, and so now he had merch which was specifically for him, not franchises he was a part of. one of these items was a rather pricey hoodie, which was only available for pre-orders for a week (ifirc). 0/5 on the regret rating is not just because of love but because holy crap this is actually a top-tier hoodie. it's soft and warm and i wear it to the office because our building's air-conditioning system is an overachiever

    for all the time i spend wearing it, i dont have any pics wearing it, but here's what it looks from the back

    fun fact: i didn't mean to do this at all, but the hoodie came in two colors. my bias also copped the dark blue one for himself. it felt like victory

  • The stuff I bought to feel closer to my faves is...*drum roll*...porridge! 😂

    Red Velvet's Irene and Wendy were endorsers of a brand of porridge in South Korea (lovingly called by our fandom as the "Wenrene Porridge"), and luckily my friendly neighborhood Korean grocery had some in stock. It was abalone flavored, but I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to food so I decided to give it a shot. I expected to have the consistency of Arroz Caldo, and boy was I so wrong 😂. The soup was kind of like...malabnaw na slime?? It tasted good, but the texture just threw me off lol. But then again, why did I expect homecooked goodness from canned porridge. 4/5 regretted buying but if my faves would endorse some strange food I would gladly buy it 😁

  • @cupramyeon ngl that sounds really good... maybe you can add sticky rice to it next time.

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    The stuff I bought to feel closer to my faves was getting piercings!

    Yuta of NCT had many piercings (8 at maximum), and his piercings were really flattering on him. From 2018 until early 2019, I got five ear piercings!

    Unfortunately, some of my piercings closed up, but the rest are still okay. Do I regret getting them? No. But I wish I could've gotten it at a professional piercer!

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